Making your own Baby Shower Gifts

It's finally happened - your best friend or family member is having a baby and it is time for the baby shower. But you don't want to buy some generic gift like an outfit. You want to get her something special to show her how much you love her and how excited you are about the impending birth. If you are crafty, you can make her a special handmade baby shower gift that will stand out from the others.

All babies need blankets and while those that the stores sell are very nice, they aren't usually personalized. If you are good at sewing, make your own baby blanket. You can find out the colors and theme of the baby's room and use them for the blanket. Make a quilt and if your friends can sew, ask them to each contribute a personalized square. Even if you cannot sew, don't fret. One of the cutest baby blankets easy to make is the no-sew fleece blanket!

Another crafty idea for baby shower gifts is a cross-stitch baby pattern. If the baby has already been born, you may want to add his or her details such as name, birth date, and birth weight to the cross-stitch pattern. You can find cute pattern ideas at any local craft store as well as the thread.

If you can't sew or cross-stitch, but love to cook, make up several meals for the mother-to-be and her family. After cooking the meals, place the food in disposable microwave containers and freeze them. On the day of the baby shower, carry all the food to the mother-to-be and put it in her freezer. After the baby is born, all she has to do to cook dinner is warm it in the microwave. This gives her more time to pay attention to the baby while still feeding her family.

Finally, if you cannot think of anything else, create your own coupon book. Add things like "Go to the grocery store" or "Come over to wash clothes" as coupons for errands or chores you can do for her once the baby arrives.